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Lounge: 125 person capacity, air conditioned

Hall: available during the summer, 350 person capacity, not air conditioned

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Congratulations to Team Dekoning!

Skip Brett Dekoning, vice Jason Whitehill, second Scott Dow, lead Brett Spier and coach Peter Dekoning, representing the Omemee Curling Club, are Junior Men's provincial champions. They represented Ontario at the 2012 M&M Meat Shops Canadian Junior Championships in Napanee, ON., taking place Feb. 4-12, 2012 in Napanee, ON.

Well done, gentlemen!

photo: Can. Jr. welcome
photo: Napanee Curling Club
photo: Napanee Club curling
photo: Napanee Arena
photo: Arena ice preparation
photo: Quebec curling fans
photo: Mounties pre-ceremony
photo: Opening ceremonies start
photo: Opening ceremonies teams
photo: Team Ontario
photo: Opening ceremonies view
photo: Opening ceremonies close
photo: Team Ontario hurry hard

The Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School Curling Team is once again proud to call the Omemee Curling Club their home.

The Omemee Curling Club was once again proud to host the Kawartha High School Curling Championships in Feb. 2016.